Pat's Home Thai Cooking        หน้าแรกการทำอาหารไทย   
Fine Cuisine



Please check back soon for our online lessons. These are still being filmed & produced. I will show you step by step how to produce delicious authentic dishes, just like I cook them at home. Also tips to buy the best ingredients in each different country. I will also show you how I make my own curry pastes and condiments.


Currently, I teach in person the following recipes. These plus others will be available for download soon, we are working on this part for you now.

Starters / Entrees:

Pod Priar Thord
(Thai Spring Rolls)

Som Tum
(Papaya / Mango Salad)

Tom Yum Gai 
(Pat - don't have this recipe - we made it with chicken?)


Kai Med Mamung Himapan
 (Chicken with Cashew Nuts)

Tord Mun Pla 
(Fish Cakes)

Kao Pad 
(Fried Rice)

Pad Krakow Rad Kon
 (Spicy pork or chicken with holy basil)

Pad Thai
 (Thai Fried Noodles)

Laab Gai Moo
(Spicy salad of minced pork or chicken)

Kaeng Kiaow Wan Gai 
(Green Chicken Curry)

Masamam Gai
Masamam Chicken

Panang Gai 
(Penang Chicken)


Kao Niaow Mamuang 
(Sticky Rice & Mango)

Kluang Buad Shee 
(Banana/Mango/Pumpkin/Sweet Potato or Taro with coconut milk)

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