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Sawasdee Ka

Sawasdee Ka.  

"Hi, and thankyou for stopping at my website.  I am originally from Bangkok, however I spent 8 years working as a Chef in California USA, before returning to my home here in Phuket Town, Thailand.  I speak fluent English, which is important when teaching my many overseas guests how to cook traditional Thai dishes.  

My cooking classes are very unique, as we learn to cook, hands on, from my peaceful home, set among a peaceful tropical garden. We use only the freshest and authentic ingredients in our cooking.  You are welcome to look around my garden whilst here or you may choose to stay at my B&B or Bungalows, check my accommodation

-Pat Tienthong.

Pat can answer all your questions and impart all her special secrets for creating the most authentic and delicious Thai dishes. She will teach you traditional methods of creating Thai culinary masterpieces in a completely hands-on learning environment, all in the comfort of her stylish home where you can even enjoy a stroll through her lush tropical garden after your meal.

From the preparation of the ingredients right through the cooking process, to the best part – the eating – you will experience it all first hand. Pat even gives you easy to follow recipes and a certificate upon completion!  

You can learn also the art of fruit carving - create wonderful art pieces for your friends and family.

With her extensive knowledge of both eastern and western cuisine, Pat can even suggest ingredients that may be difficult to locate in your home country and alternatives, which could be substituted so that flavour and authenticity are not compromised. You can enjoy learning the art of Thai cooking and then savour it at home with your family and friends – it will be a ‘souvenir’ that you cherish for a lifetime from your trip to Thailand

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